Types of winds in Spain

Types of winds in Spain

The Wind is a meteorological phenomenon caused by the movements of rotation and translation of the earth. It occurs because the infrared or heat rays sent by the sun enter the atmosphere, collide with the earth and the waters and return again, cross the atmosphere and heat it (sunstroke).

Insolation is different in different places, which implies differences in atmospheric pressure and differences in air heating, which is why winds occur. The wind acts as a transport agent, intervenes in anemophilic pollination, in the displacement of the seeds. It is also an erosive agent.

These are the Spanish winds:

· The Cierzo that blows in the Ebro valley.
· The Solano that sweeps in Castilla-La Mancha.
· Galerna blowing on the coast of the Cantabrian.
· Tramontana that affects the Balearic Islands.
· El Ábrego (from Africa) wind from the southwest, temperate, relatively humid that blows in Andalusia and in the plateaus.
· El Levante, east wind that sweeps the coast of Andalusia.
· El Poniente, West wind also from the coasts of Andalusia

comillas Tramontana (N): it is a cold and turbulent wind of northern component with gusts of more than 100 km / h. When this wind blows, the sky usually presents an intense blue color. cierre-comillas