Favàritx Lighthouse

Favàritx Lighthouse

It is 47 meters above the sea, surrounded by a rugged landscape of black slate and hit by the force of the tramontana. There, a 28-meter white and black tower stands imposingly facing the sea. A totally different landscape from the rest of the island.

Isolated from civilization and in the middle of s’Albufera des Grau.

The Favàritx cape is located in the Tramontana area of the island (the North zone) and is geologically very old, specifically from the primary era, also known as the Paleozoic Era.

Favàritx Lighthouse is surrounded by low cliffs of black and gray slate, forming a landscape that many define as lunar or even infernal. When heading towards the lighthouse you will have the feeling that you have changed the island, that it is not Menorca at all.


comillas You will be surprised by the black slate stone that dominates most of the landscape surrounding the lighthouse. Without a doubt it is one of the most amazing places in Menorca. cierre-comillas