Set Sail Experience

You need to know

Some important considerations for smooth sailing

Getting there

Set Sail Experience is located in Ciutadella’s port, at the Club Nautic (cami de Baix, 8). It is easy to get there by car and there is free parking around the area. If you get there by bus, it’ll leave you in Senplanxada’s square, which is a 5min walk to the Club.

What is the exact location of Set Sail inside the port?

We are located at dock number 78. However, our official meeting point is at the upper entrance of the Club Nautic Ciutadella.

What do we have to bring?

It is advisable to bring summer clothing: t-shirt, extra bathing suit and towel. For those of you who choose the sunset experience we recommend bringing a jacket, hoody or similar.

What if I get sea sick?

If you tend to get seasick, if it’s your first time in a sailboat or you are not 100% sure if you’ll get sea sick, we strongly recommend purchasing motion sickness pills at a local pharmacy.

What if weather conditions are bad?

If you have already made a booking and the weather conditions are not safe or ideal to be out at sea, you have the possibility of changing the dates or, wherever that’s not possible, you will get a complete refund.

Will I be able to swim?

Yes, whenever weather conditions are suitable to do so.

Will we always navigate by sail?

Whenever possible, we will navigate by sail. Maneuvers within the port are strictly done by motor.

Do we have to wear life jackets?

They are not mandatory, but if you want we have them at your disposal.

Can we come with our small kids?

Yes, of any age.

Set Sail Experience Faqs